[Taxacom] Dichotomous key software

Kevin Thiele K.Thiele at cbit.uq.edu.au
Wed Aug 30 19:07:26 CDT 2006

So following from my last discursive post: Jerry - both types of keys and
both types of platforms have pluses and minuses. I think you would be doing
your students a great disservice not to introduce them to both and let them
make up their own minds. 

For example, colleagues of mine in Australia run practical classes where
they get students to identify eucalypts and acacias using paper keys, then
introduce them to the brilliant Euclid and WATTLE Lucid keys. This is an
important teaching exercise (and the result? - with the paper keys the
students struggle and often give up, with the computer keys and 15 minutes'
practice they're running speed trials against each other and betting on the
results - and in some cases getting turned onto taxonomy!)

Cheers - k

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