[Taxacom] Interactive dichotomous keys

Timothy M. Jones TPolonski at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 30 14:01:57 CDT 2006

Hello JB,
If you are looking for software to write keys - why not try interactive 
key software rather than dichotomous key software?

Try Lucid or Delta for interactive key software. Lucid - 
http://www.lucidcentral.org/ Lucid is Java based and will run on Macs.  
It requires at least Java (JVM)  ver. 1.4.  If  JVM is not up to date,
it is a free download from Java.

Delta - http://delta-intkey.com/www/programs.htm
Delta unfortunately,  will require an emulator to run on Macs,  as it is 
PC based.

There are many others to choose from also.  Mike Dallwitz has them 
listed on one of his many pages. 

If you are still set on using dichotomous key software  - try Phoenix.  
Available at http://www.lucidcentral.org/phoenix/
A nice package that will follow both leads simultaneously and is easy to 
set up and use.

Lucid and Phoenix Key examples are available for select Poaceae, 
Cyperaceae and Orchidaceae at - http://utc.usu.edu/keys/default.html

Mozilla/Firefox are  preferred browsers and allow all pop ups for 
complete functionality. IE will work but will attempt to scare you to 
death with active content warnings.

Hope it helps,

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