[Taxacom] Matrix based versus dichotmous - thank you Kevin for the correction

Timothy M. Jones TPolonski at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 30 21:11:12 CDT 2006

Considering that the today's generation  was "born with mice" - 
interactive keys are merely a  logical progression.   They  get people 
involved - as they know how to do this already.
Point and click.  Google the unknown bit of vocabulary.  Enter more 
data.....it may seem like cheating as they do not have to remember leads 
but they do not use white-out either.  
Plus they have the benefit of time.  Determinations may happen rapidly,  
allowing for repetition.  During this repetition they repeat the use of 
the required anatomy, morphology and the word they just googled. 

J.B., you also have the benefit of the many on line  tree keys in many 
different formats right now.

Delta format -
Key to North Carolina Piedmont- Stephen M. Seiberling, Alan S. 
Weakley,and Peter S. White
A phenomenal work.

Sliks format -
Magnoliaceae  by Stinger Guala

Navikey -
Interactive key to the woody plants of Minnesota  by George Weiblen & 
Nick Deacon

Html based
An Interactive Key of Common Iowa Trees  by Paul Wray

And as Kevin has already gotten  his Lucid plug in, I will leave it at 


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