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You can also set up a similar system in MS Word (although probably not as
flexible as LaTeX?).  You can set each couplet up us a numbered item, and
likewise each species heading in your treatement.  At the end of each lead
in the key(s) you insert a cross-reference, either to a taxon name and
number or to the number of another couplet.  Right now I can't remember
exactly how to set all this up (but you can work it out from the Word help
files).  I recently used this approach for a monograph covering about a
hundred species.  It allowed me to tinker, as the monograph developed,
with both the species order and the order of key couplets, without
manually re-numbering all cross-references.  Of course tinkering with the
order of key couplets can affect more things than couplet numbering - but
it is one less thing to have to worry about.


> Dear all,
>>The system arose out of a need to make keys that could be
>>constantly added to as new species were found without having to
>>painstakingly change three or four numbers in every couplet, which
inevitably leads to lots of errors.
> My method mentioned earlier in this list (LaTeX keys) have the
> of recounting these numbers easily. You can also produce automatic
hyperrefs and pagerefs. And no problems with italicizing, the typografic
quality is high.
> Best wishes,
> Alexey Shipunov
> University of Idaho
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