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According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), the
accepted name is Gallus gallus. See


Jim Edwards

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     The only database I know of that deals specifically with reptile
species of the world is the EMBL Reptile Database.  As for domestic
chickens, I wouldn't advocate calling them a separate species (Gallus
domesticus) any more than I would advocate calling domestic dogs a separate
species (Canis familiaris).  Whether you want to call it a separate
subspecies (Gallus gallus domesticus), or part of Gallus gallus gallus,
depends on the purpose of your classification.  U.S. governmental agencies
these days tend to frown upon paraphyly of species and higher taxa, but I'm
not sure how fussy they would be at the subspecific level.
           Ken Kinman
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>Subject: [Taxacom] Domestic Chicken
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>To all,
>I am currently trying to compose a taxonomic list of various species 
>and have run into some trouble. I am finding multiple names used for 
>domestic chickens. I have seen Gallus gallus, Gallus gallus domesticus, 
>and Gallus domesticus. Yet I cannot find an authoritative source to say 
>which is the currently accepted name. If someone could send me the 
>citation for a source that would have this information I would greatly
appreciate it.
>Also can anyone tell me of a good source for reptile names? I found a 
>good source for reptiles of North America but any species not found 
>here I have to hunt down individual source information on.
>Thank you for your time,
>Jeff Alfred
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