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Heike Vibrans heike at colpos.mx
Tue Dec 5 20:57:20 CST 2006

Hello, everybody,

I would like to draw your attention to a (relatively) new 
web resource, the Weeds of Mexico website at


Most of you will know that Mexico and Mesoamerica have a 
highly diverse flora, which includes a large number of 
weedy plant species, some of which are now distributed 

This site aims to help both botanists and non-botanists 
identify Mexican plants of disturbed places (i.e. weeds) 
and to find information about them. At present the site 
contains photos and factsheets for over 600 species, 
mainly from the south-center of the country. New species 
and information will be added twice or three times a year. 
Feel free to link to the site. If you would like to be 
notified when there are new versions or modifications, 
please e-mail us.

The site is intended primarily for Spanish-speaking users. 
However, there is an introduction in English (from which I 
am quoting) and links to the main pages from there. The 
factsheets are in Spanish, but much of the information 
will be decipherable by international users; also there 
are many links to English-language sites. Corrections, 
useful data and constructive suggestions are much 

We hope the site will eventually contain:
- good quality, vouchered photographs of the approximately 
3000 weed species estimated for Mexico;
- descriptions, conventional and interactive keys, and 
other support for the identification of these plants;
- a summary of useful information on the species in a 
blog-like fact sheet, including a guide to reliable and 
relevant sites on the net;
- an opportunity for information exchange and 
collaboration between interested people, both scientists 
and laypersons.

Even if your are not particularly interested in Mexican 
weeds, you may enjoy many of the photos.

And for the IT-mavens out there – I know the site has a 
really boring and simple html structure. That’s because I 
like to understand what I am doing, I am primarily a 
biologist and I rather spend time adding content. But I am 
learning. Your suggestions are also welcome.

So, have a look, and write me if you have comments!



Dra. Heike Vibrans Lindemann
Laboratorio de Etnobotánica
Postgrado de Botánica
Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agrícolas
km 35.5 carr. México-Texcoco
56230 Montecillo
Estado de México, Mexico

La flora interactiva de las malezas de México:

Página web: 

Tel. +52 (595) 95 20 200 Ext. 1335 (directo), 1331
(secretaria), 1300 (dirección)
Fax. +52 (595) 95 20 247
Correo electrónico: heike at colpos.mx (trabajo), 
heike_texcoco at yahoo.com.mx

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