[Taxacom] Two primitive mammals in one week

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> I have heard that the specific grouping of Nothofagus (subgeneric or
> sectional level, I think) in New Zealand is largely distinctive from
> the groupings present in other "former pieces of Gondwana."  Can
> speak to the extent of the Nothofagus fossil record in New Zealand
> (vis-a-vis extent of submersion)?
> Rod Tulloss

If by distinctive one is referring to the Pacific orientation of
Nothofagus and its absence from major Gondwana areas then yes, the
groupings are largely distinctive from groups present in other pieces of
Gondwana that have an Indian Ocean or Atlantic-Indian Ocean orientation.

I'm not sure that the fossil record of Nothofagus in New Zealand can say
anything one way or the other about the extent of submersion (Oligocene
or any other time). 

John Grehan

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