[Taxacom] Position Announcement: Curator, William L. Brown Center for Plant Genetic Resources

Jim Solomon Jim.Solomon at mobot.org
Thu Dec 21 14:29:50 CST 2006

Position Announcement:


William L. Brown Center for Plant Genetic Resources

St. Louis, Missouri 



The William L. Brown Center is located at the Missouri Botanical Garden,
one of the top three botanical and research organizations in the world. 


The William L. Brown Center's portfolio of programs includes natural
products discovery partnerships, ethnobotany, the study of medicinal
plants, database of useful plants, community-based conservation, and
natural resource management.  We also envision a future emphasis on the
wild relatives of cultivated plants and their conservation. 


The Missouri Botanical Garden's scientists and staff work cooperatively
with individuals, governments and non-governmental agencies around the
world to strengthen their scientific capabilities and conservation


The Garden is searching for a successful leader, scholar and
administrator to direct the William L. Brown Center for Plant Genetic
Resources.  The center's staff includes seven Ph. D. level research
scientists and their associated support staff.  Current efforts include
the Associate Program in the Madagascar International Cooperative
Biodiversity Group project.  In addition to directing this project the
Curator helps establish priorities, oversees the budget, and coordinates
the relationships with other nationwide programs. 


The successful candidate possesses a Ph.D. in botany or related field of
plant sciences, a record of productivity in collections-based economic
botany, and experience coordinating teams of research scientists.  The
individual has demonstrated ability to lead a nationally-prominent
research group.  Experience includes a successful record raising grant
and contract funding.  Many programs of the William L. Brown Center
involve access to and transfer of plant genetic resources so significant
experience with the legal and ethical issues related to the collection
and use of plant material, often with commercial partners, and an
understanding of material transfer issues is a must.  The ideal
candidate possesses experience with public promotion of programs,
including strong public speaking skills and negotiating international
agreements with institutions in other countries.


Interested parties are invited to send their curriculum vitae to Job
#F215 Human Resource Management, Missouri Botanical Garden, 2345 Tower
Grove Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63110 or apply online at
www.mobot.org.  Letters of reference will be requested.  



James C. Solomon 
Curator of the Herbarium 
Missouri Botanical Garden 
P.O. Box 299 
St. Louis, Missouri 63166-0299 
e-mail: jim.solomon at mobot.org 
phone: (314) 577-9507 
fax: (314) 577-0820 
"To discover and share knowledge about plants 
and their environment, in order to preserve and enrich life." 
                -mission of the Missouri Botanical Garden 


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