[Taxacom] Hypothesis: How Nothofagus rafted to New Zealand

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Tue Dec 26 10:45:49 CST 2006

Not sure I follow the point, but thanks for the feedback. I'm don't see
the "Darwinian biogeographers" label at all problematic since the term
is well defined with respect to methodological principles outlined by
Darwin(of centers of origin and dispersal) and is no different to my
being referred to a panbiogeographer if I use the methodological
principles outlined by Croizat. 


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> John Grehan wrote:
>  > Agreed - although I don't think panbiogeographers need the
> Yes, as a matter of fact you do, since calling people "Darwinian
> biogeographers" doesn't advance your research program one iota, and
> it does require evidence.
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