[Taxacom] Considering a PhD in the Smaller Parasitica of Northern Greece

g.ramel at earthlife.net g.ramel at earthlife.net
Thu Dec 28 06:43:50 CST 2006

Dear All,

        As some of you already know I have been collecting malaise
material for about three years in a nature reserve (Wetland
Kerkini) in Northern Greece, my work to date has all been
voluntary, but the manager of the reserve is now talking about
employing me to continue and expand the work, dragging me back to
cold Europe from my brief retreat in Thailand.

As during the last 3 years I have failed to find anybody interested in
looking at the parasitica (or most of the Hymenoptera)the we have
collected I am considering devoting myself to this group, excluding the
ichneumonidae.  I know little at the moment but have worked with
collembola so the small size shouldn't be a problem.  I would like to turn
this work into a Ph.D.

So this letter has two aims, one to contact anybody who would be
interested in supervising such a Ph.D and contacting some people who can
point me in the dirtection of a bibliography that will supply me with the
list of papers I will need, as I feel sure there will be no suitable Keys.

        Wishing you all a very happy New Year

  Gordon Ramel

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