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Botany almost universally uses Linnaeus (abbreviated "L." following our 
standardized list of author names).

As I understand it, "von Linne" was an "ennobled" version of his name that 
he adopted when made a Knight of the Polar Star rather late in life.

What's really annoying is all the intro bio texts that give his first name 
as "Carolus" ...

At 07:29 AM 1/4/2006, Richard Petit wrote:
>On another server there has been a discussion about whether to credit
>authorship of a taxon to Linnaeus (if described in the 10th ed.) or to Linné
>(if described in the 12th ed.).
>Most malacologists now use Linnaeus regardless of date, a position I have
>long adopted.  However, I would like to know how his name is handled in
>other fields.
>Thank you.
>dick p.
>Richard E. Petit
>r.e.petit at

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