2 Graduate Student Positions in Insect Systematics

John D. Oswald j-oswald at TAMU.EDU
Mon Jan 9 18:41:03 CST 2006

Please make the announcement below concerning the availability 2
graduate student positions in Insect Sysematics known to potentially
interested students. A postable copy of the announcement is attached.
Pardon cross-postings.
John Oswald

*Graduate Student Position Announcement
*Texas A&M University, Department of Entomology

*_Insect Systematics_*, 2 Positions, Taxonomic Groups Open

*/Who/*: We are currently recruiting for two new insect systematics
students to work on NSF-funded research projects. The taxonomic focus of
each position is open. We are looking for two people with strong
interests in systematics and related studies to join the active insect
systematics group at Texas A&M. Skills in one or more of the following
areas: computer networking and databases (particularly Access), digital
keys, phylogenetic analysis, revisionary studies, or scientific
illustration, though not essential, will increase your competitiveness
for these positions. A masters degree is preferred but students with an
outstanding undergraduate record will be considered.

*/TAMU/* */Systematics Faculty and Staff/*: Systematics students at the
TAMU Department of Entomology have the opportunity to interact closely
with one of the largest groups of active insect systematists at any
university in North America: Horace Burke (retired - Curculionidae);
Allen Dean (spiders); Anthony Cognato (bark beetles); John Jackman
(Mordellidae, Buprestidae); John Oswald, Curator (Neuroptera); Ed Riley,
Associate Curator (Chrysomelidae); Joe Shaffner (retired - Hemiptera);
Bob Wharton (Braconidae);
Jim Woolley (Chalcidoidea).

*/Other Resources/*: The Texas A&M University Insect Collection, a very
actively growing entomological research collection of >2.2 million

*/Starting dates/*: (Position 1) Open for immediate occupation;
(Position 2) Available Fall Semester 2006 (ca. September 2006).

*/Funding/*: Each position offers a 3-year Research Assistantship,
including health benefits, conditioned upon continued satisfactory
progress in the graduate program.

*/Contact/*: For more information about these assistantships, please
contact _Dr. John Oswald_, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M
University, College Station, TX 77843-2475; phone: (979) 862-3507;
j-oswald at tamu.edu <mailto:j-oswald at tamu.edu>. For questions about and
application materials to the graduate program in the Department of
Entomology at Texas A&M University, contact Dr. Pete Teel at
pteel at tamu.edu <mailto:pteel at tamu.edu>. Detailed information about the
Department and graduate studies can be found on the department’s web
site at http://entowww.tamu.edu/.


John D. Oswald
Associate Professor
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  77843-2475

E-mail: j-oswald at tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 862-3507
More at: http://insects.tamu.edu/people/faculty/oswaldj.cfm

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