Position anouncement: Scientific secretary of ATLAS FLORAE EUROPAEAE

Gordon Ramel g.ramel at EARTHLIFE.NET
Wed Jan 11 09:45:30 CST 2006

Dear Everybody,
                            I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

For the last two years I have been co-ordinating, in my spare time, a
project to describe the biodiversity of a nature reserve in northern Greece,
Wetland Kerkini, which although focused on the lake Kerkini also includes 20
km of river and large parts of two mountain ranges.   As you all know very
little zoology is being done in Greece, even the ornithology is minimal.

I have collected material, both by hand and with malaise traps and I am know
trying to get stuff identified so I am writing to ask anybody who would be
interested material from this practically unstudied area to contact me at
the email address below.  All the records generated are useful to science,
simply because so little is done here, and the chances of finding new
species is high, so far we have one spider, 7 collembola and 8 flies.   The
botany is pretty much covered, including the mosses, lichens and fungi.  It
is with the insects that the most help is required particularly the
hymenoptera, except the ants, and a large percentage of the diptera
(excepting the larger Brachycera, mycetophilidae, tipulidae, anisoptera and
muscoideae)  other groups which are waiting include, Neuroptera, homoptera
except aphids, some beetles and terrestrial molluscs.

Any offers of help, or contacts greatly appreciated.

g.ramel at earthlife.net

for more info about Wetland Kerkini visit  www.lake-kerkini.earthlife.net/

Thanking you all for your time.

                Gordon Ramel

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