Holotype fragment (botany)

erast e.parmasto at ZBI.EE
Thu Jan 12 13:01:30 CST 2006

   A very interesting new object has been introduced: an isotype not
seen by the author of a new species. What is a part of a holotype
left by a collector to his/her collection and not seen by the author
of a new species? Until now, it has been considered to be an isotype.
Is there any need to differentiate the sometimes different kinds of isotypes,
i.e. different "results of  cuttings"? I hope that NO NEED. The
situation may be described without introducing a new term.
> "the separated material might be called an isotype (though effectively
> used for the first description and evidently deserving some other
> 'status' than isotypes not seen by the author)"
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