Holotype fragment (botany)

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"It happens all the time" is a good observation. We take the Code(s) as
guidelines for proper nomenclature, but when it does not guide, we do what
is reasonable. If a hindleg or a seed works nomenclaturally, we use it and
pass on to more important things, if it doesn't then we fix the situation
with some kind of lectotypification or neotypification and dare anyone to
waste their time complaining that the Code(s) has no exact fix for the

I think there is precedent in the legal field, where justices are guided by
reason and experience when the law is not exactly applicable, and if such is
not sufficient for one or another interested parties, they appeal and maybe
modify the law.

I kind of like one colleague's suggestion that a moratorium be placed on
changing codes of nomenclature for 20 years or so.

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On Jan 12, 2006, at 12:23 PM, Richard Jensen wrote:
>  ...Could a mammalian name be based solely on the left hind foot of the
> animal?  Could an insect name be based on just the thorax?  Could a
> tapeworm
> name be based on a single segment?...

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