Holotype fragment (botany)

ralf becker r.h.becker at READING.AC.UK
Fri Jan 13 21:11:40 CST 2006

Hallo Richard J

Can I go back to the "type" tree (according to the code, it doesn't exist)
and collect additional metarials at a later time and incorporate them as
part of a "type series"?  I don't think the code allows that.

Yes: The code only allows single gatherings.

Ex. 1. "Echinocereus sanpedroensis" (Raudonat & Rischer in
Echinocereenfreund 8(4): 91-92. 1995) was based on a "holotype" consisting
of a complete plant with roots, a detached branch, an entire flower, a
flower cut in halves, and two fruits, which according to the label were
taken from the same cultivated individual at different times and preserved,
in alcohol, in a single jar. This material belongs to more than one
gathering and cannot be accepted as a type. Raudonat & Rischer's name is not
validly published under Art.

But you raised a good point with your tree andI like get more background
info, why the code does not allow multiple gathering from the same

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