Holotype fragment(botany

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Fri Jan 13 11:36:25 CST 2006

> There is a fundamental difference in botany.
> 9.2. A lectotype is a specimen or illustration designated from
> the original
> material as the nomenclatural type, in conformity with Art. 9.9
> and 9.10, if
> no holotype was indicated at the time of publication, or if it is missing,
> or if it is found to belong to more than one taxon (see also Art. 9.13).

Actually, this is almost exactly the same in zoology.  The only difference
is, a lectotype in botany may be derived from the same *individual* as the
original type (in zoology, it would still be regarded as the holotype),
whereas in zoology the lectotype is selected from a series of specimens
examined by the original author (syntype series).  In other words,
lectotypification serves the same fundamental purpose in botany as in
zoology (selecting a name-bearer among material examined by the original
author), but the "units" of typification may differ (as in typification in


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