Holotype fragment (botany)

Mon Jan 16 21:09:14 CST 2006

Paul Kirk <p.kirk at CABI.ORG> wrote:  Seriously though, it is assumed to be a single day, which presumably prevents just before and just after midnight gatherings in northern and southern latitudes where their is 24 hour daylight for parts of the year.

  Or even collecting with a torch over the witching hour, may our type specimens be cut off in retribution....

    I'm not sure how important all this is, but assuming that it is, I'd have thought that the idea of a single day was completely unworkable, both in practice and in spirit, for the reasons that you so excellently give.

  I would suggest a single visit, being present for the collection, is what counts. It may take ten minutes or two seconds, even two hours or more, to make a collection. What is important is that it is a continuous presence without leaving and returning.  OK, anything is arguable like how far can you take your hand off the plant, but still far preferable to the single day definition with its artificial midnight rule, which allows an early morning visit followed by a hundred mile diversion and return to finish the collection in late evening.

  Yours, at least half seriously, Sean

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