Summer undergrad research in Dublin - deadline 12 March

Julia Sigwart ureka at UCD.IE
Tue Jan 17 12:17:34 CST 2006

Dear all,

Applications for the 2006 summer undergraduate research programme are 
now open. 

If you know of any students who are qualified to apply for this 
summer's programme, please pass on the information below!! 



Collections-based Biology in Dublin
Undergraduate Research Experience and Knowledge Award (UREKA)

CoBiD is the joint programme for teaching and research linking 
University College Dublin and the National Museum of Ireland (Natural 
History Division). The UREKA award provides funding for students 
currently completing their first degree to join CoBiD researchers in a 
ten-week summer programme in Dublin.
 Collections-based Biology in Dubin (CoBiD) provides an exciting 
research environment, with experience both in high quality 
laboratories in the science departments in University College Dublin, 
and important international research centre in the National Musuem of 
Ireland (Natural History) collections in Dublin city centre. The CoBiD-
UREKA summer programme is a ten-week intensive research course for 
undergraduate students. Diverse research projects are offered, with 
topics ranging from systematic biology— including traditional and 
molecular techniques— to ecology and population genetics. Students 
will work side-by-side with curators and senior scientists and will be 
involved in all aspects of 
collections-based research including collection and curation of 
specimens, experiments and analysis, participation in field 
expeditions, and dissemination of scientific results through oral 
presentation and publication.

The CoBiD summer school programme is funded by Science Foundation 
Ireland, and is open to students of any nationality.

Term dates: 12 June - 18 August 2006

* registered as an undergraduate student; expecting to complete a 
first degree no sooner than December 2006.
* proficiency in English (written and spoken) 
* willingness to work hard, and ability to work independently 
* strong interest in the project of choice 
* career goals in organismal biology 

To apply, you must complete the application form (available from the 
UREKA website) and submit it as an email attachment. You must also 
arrange for a seperate letter of recommendation to be sent by e-mail 
recieved directly from your reference.

All materials must be recieved by: Sunday 12 March

Research Projects
| avian phylogeny  |  evolution of fossil crocodiles  |  mayflies and 
climate change  |  evolution of genomic imprinting  |  carboniferous 
coral "reefs"  |  evolution in mammalian sensory perception  |  
resource partitioning in inshore fish  |  marine host-parasite 
evolution | plant evolution and extinction | 

For more information, including project descriptions see

or e-mail 
ureka at

Julia Sigwart
Collections-based Biology in Dublin

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