Thanks Help with Project Kerkini

Gordon Ramel g.ramel at EARTHLIFE.NET
Thu Jan 19 03:27:45 CST 2006

Dear All,
                I would like to thank all those who have responded to
my cry
for help with the biodiversity assessment of Wetland Kerkini,
Prof. Ladislav Jedlicka for passing my request onto a large number of
dipterists.  The situation with the flies is now much better.  There
are now
only two groups I am really worried about.  These are the Apidae, to
end I am wondering if someone can put me in touch with Dr Andrew
(maybe at the NHM London), the other is the Myrmeleontidae and in this
I would like to make contact with either Prof. Dr Ulrike Aspöck or
 taxonomic specialist Rainer Müllan,

                Thanking you all again.

                              Gordon Ramel

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