valide or invalide name

Ruijiang Wang rwang at GRADUATE.HKU.HK
Wed Jan 25 07:16:12 CST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

H. Winkler published (Leptodermis tomentella H. Winkl., comb. nov.) based
on (Hamiltonia tomentella Franch. in sched. (?)) in 1922, then following a
sheet of voucher specimen and a paragraph of description.

As we know, Hamiltonia tomentella is an invalid name, of course. And can I
therefore regard "Leptodermis tomentella" is invalid too?

I was also suggested that "Leptodermis tomentella" could be simply thought
as a new species name published by Winkler without intention because both
type and diagnosis were provided. Can I just treat it as a new species
name and neglect its invalid basinym here?

What should I do?



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