Alleles and phylogenetic results

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Do you have this paper in PDF? If so, could you send to me?
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Richard.Zander at MOBOT.ORG wrote:

>Check out:
>Stace, C. A. 2005. Plant taxonomy and biosystematics---does DNA provide all
>the answers? Taxon 54: 999--1007.
>- discusses monoparental inheritance and homogenization, and effect on
>phylogenetic reconstructions.
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>Subject: [TAXACOM] Alleles and phylogenetic results
>Dear All,
>     When two alleles of a gene are present in a taxon, their divergent
>differences shouldn't be too problematic for phylogenetic analysis if (1)
>they haven't diverged very much (differences are small in a large sequence);
>and/or (2) these two alleles are actually recognized as such.
>      However, what if different gene sequences deposited in the NCBI
>database are different alleles, are NOT recognized as such, and are
>significantly different?  Does this not have the potential to lead to false
>conclusions, especially when taxon sampling is still pretty sparse?  I
>wonder how widespread this problem could be.
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>          Ken Kinman

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