Plants, people and evolution: London meeting, 4 August

Mark Nesbitt m.nesbitt at RBGKEW.ORG.UK
Thu Jan 26 12:43:45 CST 2006

On 4 August 2006 the Linnean Society of London is hosting a one-day
conference in honour of Dr Barbara Pickersgill, the geneticist and expert on
Capsicum at Reading University. She retired in september 2005 after over 30
years teaching and research at Reading.

It's a rare opportunity to hear an international range of specialists in
plant domestication, cytogenetics and taxonomy, reflecting Barbara's wide

Greg Anderson (USA) - Solanum
Spencer Barrett (Canada) - Weeds, breeding systems
Alejandro Casas (Mexico) - Mexican ethnobotany, Cactaceae
Colin Hughes (UK) - legumes in the Neotropics
Mark Nesbitt (UK)  - wheat
Bruce D. Smith (USA) - archaeobotany of the Americas, domestication
Duncan Vaughan (Japan) - beans, plant genetic resources
Jonathan Wendel (USA) - cotton, genomes
Daniel Zohary (Israel) - evolution of Old World crops

Registration fees are low (£25/£15) and include lunch and an evening
reception. As it will be summer, cheap accomodation will be available at
university halls of residence (details on reg. form).

Registration form and details at the Linnean Society website:

Exact titles of papers will be confirmed later.

If any colleagues or ex-students of Barbara are reading this, and have not
already been contacted by Julie Hawkins or myself, please contact me off-list.

Mark Nesbitt

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