Vatican rejects intelligent design cocept as science

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Fri Jan 27 14:26:38 CST 2006

Some details in addition: the original text is in Italian, but
several commentaries, including a summary of (parts of) the article
in English, already exist:

paper hits 'intelligent design'
design" not science: Vatican paper (News.Com)
design not science, says Vatican newspaper article
design" not science: Vatican paper (Yahoo)

The article is published in the Osservatore Romano (the Vatican
newspaper) by Fiorenzo Facchini, a professor evolutionary biology at
Bologna. His article is mainly dealing with the decision of the
'Pennsylvania judge' who according to him made the right judgement by
stating that ID equals creationism (see below).

"Intelligent design does not belong to science and there is no
justification for the demand it be taught as a scientific theory
alongside the Darwinian explanation," said the article in the Tuesday
edition of the newspaper. Evolution represents "the interpretative
key of the history of life on Earth" and the debate in the United
States was "polluted by political positions," wrote Fiorenzo
Facchini, a professor of evolutionary biology at Italy's Bologna
University. "So the decision by the Pennsylvania judge seems correct."

Pennsylvania Judge John Jones ruled that intelligent design was a
version of creationism, the belief that God made the world in six
days as told in the Bible, and thus could not be taught without
violating a ban on teaching religion in public schools.

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>Hi Taxacomers,
>The Edmonton Journal (Alberta) ran the following article
>the other day, headlined as above.
>The subtitle was "Has no role alongside teaching of evolution."
>Associated Press.  Vatican City.
>Here is paragraph 1:
>"The Vatican newspaper has published an article saying
>"intelligent design" is not science and that teaching it alonside
>evolutionary theory in school classrooms only creates
>Robin Leech

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