uBioRSS a taxonomically intelligent feeder reader

Dave Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Fri Jan 27 17:50:06 CST 2006

uBio would like to announce a taxonomically intelligent
RSS feed reader. This application monitors RSS feeds from
(currently) about 300 journals and scientific news sources
and identifies all scientific names within the XML. It
also follows the associated link back and parses the names
there. These names are then assembled into taxonomies so
that the RSS can be browsed. The RSS can be viewed from
the perspective of the Species 2000 Annual Checklist,
ITIS, the NCBI taxonomy, and (experimentally) the IUCN


The application also monitors these feeds for new species
names, new combinations, new genera, etc. Output from
these feeds directly into the findiT algorithm lexicons
providing the algorithm with a self-training mechanism
(another good Rod Page suggestion).

You can create a user profile to customize output to a
subset of journals. You can add specialized species lists
to monitor or choose a taxon group from a taxonomy. For
example we monitor all Gulf of Maine species. The output
can be viewed on the web or as a custom RSS feed itself.

We also add linkiT functionality that reformats the RSS
link. Fish names link to FishBase, fungal names to Index
Fungorum, or any system we can index.

It has its edges and we are refining them but I hope it
worth a look and some comments.

Thanks for your time,
David Remsen

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