Do Something to reduce Silent Springs

Karl Magnacca kmagnacca at WESLEYAN.EDU
Tue Jan 31 06:58:55 CST 2006

On 31 Jan 2006 at 9:10, Francesca Grifo wrote:
> So if you want to do something that could help protect species - and you
> are a US biologist either with or in pursuit of an advanced degree
> please go to this link and sign a letter that will be delivered to the
> United States Senate to make sure they understand that science needs to
> inform endangered species policy! Today is the deadline to get your name
> on this letter along with 5,000 of your colleagues!

This will never have any effect as long as so many Congressmen have open
contempt for science.  The only way things will change is to vote the
bastards out.

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"Democracy used to be a good thing, but now it has
gotten into the wrong hands."   --Sen. Jesse Helms

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