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Curtis Clark jcclark-lists at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 6 09:58:51 CDT 2006

On 2006-07-06 06:43, Richard Petit wrote:
> Did members sit around while papers were read?  I cannot imagine
> sitting through the reading of Latin "Descriptions of eight-nine new
> species of Mitra" (or even if read in English)!  Were such
> descriptive papers generally read in full or were draft copies
> distributed to the members in attendance and a summary then read
> (with any expceptional taxa being discussed in more detail)?

How would draft copies be produced? Hand typesetting and recopying are 
both laborious.

I'd be interested in the answer to this, as well. My totally 
unsubstantiated hunch is that the paricipants took copious notes of the 
parts that interested them; that the paper sessions were an opportunity 
to create paper copies through the efforts of the listeners.

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