[Taxacom] standards for taxonomic publications

Karin Kiontke kk52 at nyu.edu
Tue Jul 11 15:41:16 CDT 2006

Dear Taxacomers,

the Journal of Nematology has appointed a committee to formulate new 
guidelines for the authors of   taxonomic publications. These new 
guidelines should account for new methods and new types of data (e.g. 
molecular data,  perhaps digital vouchers....).
As a member of this committee, I am collecting ideas from other 
journals and other taxonomic groups.
I was wondering whether some of you have such guidelines spelled out 
and could forward them to me.
One related question is what kind of characters should be required 
for a species description. The traditional view in my field seems to 
be that morphological differences between species must be found. 
Obviously, such a view creates problems with sibling species which 
can be recognized by molecular data. I'd appreciate comments on how 
this is being dealt with in other taxonomic groups.

Thank you very much!

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