[Taxacom] Science Behind Acacia Symposium ~ Acacia2006 ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ 25-28 August 2006

Rob Cross Rob.Cross at rbg.vic.gov.au
Wed Jul 12 17:29:28 CDT 2006

Hello everyone,

The program for the SCIENCE BEHIND ACACIA SYMPOSIUM to be held at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne on Monday 28 August 2006 as a part of the ACACIA2006 - KNOWING AND GROWING AUSTRALIAN WATTLES CONFERENCE is now on on the conference website (http://www.rbg.vic.gov.au/acacia2006/ ).  Details of the HORTICULTURAL PROGRAM on Saturday 26 August 2006 are also on the website along with registration details.

The aim of the Acacia2006 conference is to bring together people interested in Acacia, and includes a range of sessions on horticulture, systematics and taxonomy, utilisation, and weed research.  The scientific program of the conference will have sessions on the evolution and diversity of Acacia, utilisation of Acacia and the interactions of Acacia with other organisms.

If you need further information that is not on the Acacia2006 website (http://www.rbg.vic.gov.au/acacia2006/ ) please email Dan Murphy (daniel.murphy at rbg.vic.gov.au).


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