[Taxacom] Article on poaching newly described species in current issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education

Lila Guterman lila.guterman at chronicle.com
Mon Jul 17 10:08:42 CDT 2006


Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for information about 
cases of newly discovered species that were quickly sold commercially. 
My article on the topic is in the new issue of The Chronicle of Higher 
Education. You can read it online, unfortunately without any of the 
beautiful photos that are in the print edition, at 

We are also having an online discussion about it at 
http://chronicle.com/forums/index.php/topic,28340.0.html Please feel 
free to contribute your thoughts!

Thanks again for the help of the listserv in pointing me toward useful 
sources of information or examples. I'd also be interested in, and 
grateful for, any feedback.

Best wishes,


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