[Taxacom] Not science :- looking for Fish-L and help with microsoft

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> Dear Gordon,

Solution  is simple I think. Visit  http://www.openoffice.org/ and download
Open Office that is free (both money wise and freedom wise) , install and
now you can read all your microsoft office files including doc, xls, ppt


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> Dear All,
>           Please forgive the relative irrelevence of this posting.  Can
> someone point me in the direction of a listserver for fish
> biologists, perhaps it will be called Fish-L, I don't know.
> Secondly, as I know many of you are quite competant with their computers I
> will explain my problem.  Having bought a new computor here in Greece I
> find it has microsoft office, including excel, all in Greek.  I also have
> found that by co-incidence my CD of Office in English is now corrupt so I
> can't reinstall it.  I have set up an office network between the two
> computers and copied all the directories and files in Program
> Files/moffice to the new computor, but it has not changed anything.
> Somewhere there is a .dll file that will solve the problem, if anybody can
> put me in touch with someone who can help I would be grateful.
>       Thanks
>              Gordon Ramel
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