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Isidro F. Aguillo isidro at cindoc.csic.es
Mon Jul 24 01:52:03 CDT 2006

A very interesting contribution.

I will thank to know about other websites including biodiversity media 
resources, not only photos, but sounds or videos too.

I like very much the bird collection:


Thanks in advance,

Maarten Christenhusz escribió:
> Dear all,
> Hereby I would like to inform everyone about my new website, which is back online.
> http://www.botanyphotos.net
> This website contains vascular plant families online all made by me. The site covers ferns, conifers and angiosperms, and of course does not cover all genera and families yet, but it is a good start! These pictures were resting on my desktop and I thought it would be a good idea to share them for educational and research purposes.
> Recently I have made excursions to Northern Finland, Northeastern Turkey and France, which pictures shall be added later. I will keep you informed about that.
> At present the website houses pictures made throughout Europe, North America, The Caribbean, South America, Turkey and East Asia, but because of my frequent visits to Botanical Gardens the site includes plants from all over the world.
> www.botanyphotos.net has a search engine, where you can for instance search on scientific name, English (local) name and locality/country, which should make it easy to find the species you are looking for, although not all information is added yet (especially local names need to be added).
> Please help me keeping this site up to date by sending me corrections of misspellings, misplacements of species or misidentifications. No-body is perfect! When a picture is selected you can find extra information, such as the country and local name, by clicking on the ”i” in the left upper corner of the picture.
> The images can be used freely for educational purposes, such as plant courses and presentations. I would appreciate it however if the website or the photographer will be acknowledged. For publication of the pictures in any formats, either online, or in any printed form, please contact me in advance for permission. In case of printing or publication, I will have better quality files available for sale. Please contact me for this. Costs for use of the images (for publication) depend on the purpose of publication and can be discussed.
> This website is a free service, but sponsors to keep this website running are welcome. Bookmark my site and tell it on! Enjoy the images, and I hope you will find it useful!
> Feel free to participate and/or contribute by identifying or add your own pictures in your own account. Membership is free and allows you to upload your own pictures.
> Feel free to contact me for any additional information.
> See you at www.botanyphotos.net !
> Maarten Christenhusz
> Plant taxonomist; Monograph of Neotropical Marattiaceae (Pteridophyta)
> Department of Biology
> University of Turku
> 20014 Turku
> Finland
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