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Some might recall that I was berated for non-peer reviewed garbage. For
those interested in peer reviewed garbage I can send a pdf copy of the
following just published in The Anatomical Record Part B: The New
Anatomist 289B.


Mona Lisa smile: The morphological enigma of human and great ape


The science of human evolution is confronted with the popular chimpanzee
theory and the earlier but largely ignored orangutan theory. The quality
and scope of published documentation and verification of morphological
features suggests there is very little in morphology to support a unique
common ancestor for humans and chimpanzees. A close relationship between
humans and African apes is currently supported by only eight
unproblematic characters. The orangutan relationship is supported by
about 28 well supported characters, and it is also corroborated by the
presence of orangutan-related features in early hominids. The uniquely
shared morphology of humans and orangutans raises doubts about the
almost universal belief that DNA sequence similarities necessarily
demonstrate a closer evolutionary relationship between humans and
chimpanzees. A new evolutionary reconstruction is proposed for the soft
tissue anatomy, physiology, and behavioral biology of the first hominids
that includes concealed ovulation, male beard and mustache, prolonged
mating, extended pair bonding, 'house' construction, mechanical
'genius', and artistic expression. 



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