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Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
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At 07:15 AM 7/26/2006, John Grehan wrote:
>I think Thomas and Ken should look at my paper before they start making
>assertions that I trash molecular data. I don't. I just say that there
>is a problem with the way linear sequence patterns of DNA are
>interpreted to generate phylogenetic meaning. What I do say is that
>current methods may lead to an erroneous interpretation of those base
>differences that obfuscates primitive and derived conditions, and that
>developmental genetics may be where the resolution is to be found. My
>argument is that there is a case for molecular biologists to figure out
>why their current approach does not get the 'right' answer.

And that again is what I said.  (My comment about "wishing away" data was a 
general comment, not one specific to John.  Sorry for the confusion.)  Both 
data sets are "real" and thus must be explained.  I really think we are 
overlooking something fundamental, something *biological,* in this and 
similary quandries.

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