[Taxacom] A genetic view of the Mona Lisa problem

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A molecular biologist, Judith Masters, recently made some interesting
observations on the orangutan theory (2006 South African Journal of
Science 102: 1) which included the following comments:


"Nevertheless, I have to ask: if the morphological and molecular data
are so out of synch with one another, shouldn't we be trying to find out
why, instead of forcing square pegs into round holes, and sweeping the
shavings under the carpet?"


"If Schwartz is so clearly wrong, as the general consensus seems to
agree, then pointing out where he is wrong should be easy. Yet despite
several efforts, I struggled to find someone who was sufficiently
familiar with the argument to put me on the right track. 'Oh, don't
worry your head about that. Schwartz is just wrong.' I find it odd and
dissatisfying. It's almost as if most of the researchers in this fled
have simply accepted the molecular findings without understanding them,
and are frightened of being found out. If this indeed is what's
happening, then it's kind of like the 'Survivor' version of the
scientific process: 'He doesn't agree with us, and we feel uncomfortable
around him: let's vote him off the island.'"


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