[Taxacom] Portable digital magnifier

Alec McClay alec.mcclay at shaw.ca
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Something like this was on display at the Entomological Society of America 
meeting last December in Fort Lauderdale, but I don't remember the name of 
the company. You might be able to get a list of the exhibitors from ESA at 


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>Has anyone on the list seen a simple, handheld video "microcamera" with a
>USB or wireless connection to a notebook PC or other digital device with a
>screen? This gadget would have optics suited to low-magnification work and
>would be used for examining floral part details, small invertebrates,
>crystals-in-rocks, etc "live" in the field, with the possibility of
>capturing images digitally. I'm thinking of building one from a wireless
>security camera if none's available commercially.
>Many thanks in advance if you can help, and please reply off-list.
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