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Andre van Proosdij Andre.vanProosdij at deHortus.nl
Wed Jun 14 05:16:31 CDT 2006

Dear list users,

In the Hortus Botanicus of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this summer we will have an exhibition on the
pollination of plants. Several types of pollination will be explained by means of living plants, pictures
and text. For some of the pollintion types we are still lokking for good quality pictures. They will be used
for educational purposes only and will only be used on information panels, so not for books or other printed

Who can supply us with pictures of the following subjects of the plant
together with the pollinator?
- Cactaceae pollinated by bats
- Fuchsia pollinated by humming birds
- Proteaceae pollinated by hummingbirds
- Hibiscus pollinated by hummingbirds
- Araceae pollinated by flies and / or beetles
- Ficus pollinated by fig wasps
- Hydrocharitaceae, especially Lagarosiphon: wind pollinated, flowers floating on the water surface
- Orchids pollinated by insects trying to mate with the flower

Your help would be highly appreciated. Please reply of-list to keep the number of messages a bit down.

Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards,

André van Proosdij

Ir. A.S.J. van Proosdij
wetenschappelijk collectiebeheerder - scientific keeper
de Hortus
Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam - anno 1638
Plantage Middenlaan 2a
1018 DD Amsterdam
Nederland - The Netherlands
T: +31-(0)20-6259021
F: +31-(0)20-6257006
E: Andre at deHortus.nl
I: www.deHortus.nl

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