[Taxacom] Pierre E. Fouquier

Richard Moe rlmoe at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 19 18:38:32 CDT 2006

I have a question about the eponymy of Fouquieria, the ocotillo or  

Kunth stated that Fouquieria was named after "Petrus Eduardus  
Fouquierius" (inflected as Petro Eduardo Fouquierio) See the  
protologue here:
A translation of the dedication :

>>> A genus named for Pierre Edouard Fouquier, an excellent doctor, a
>>> professor at the Paris School of Medicine, an expert in natural
>>> history, who once had miraculously saved  Richard from incipient
>>> death. But afterward the great doctor applied all possible care and
>>> knowledge in vain, for he [i.e., Richard] had fallen ill with an
>>> incurable disease, and the teacher whom I, too, loved died.

The only Fouquier that I can find in French biographical  
encyclopedias corresponding to the description and time  is Pierre  
Eloy Fouquier.
Can anyone untangle this for me?


Richard Moe

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