[Taxacom] Maackia (Fabaceae)

Michael Vincent vincenma at muohio.edu
Tue Jun 20 12:23:03 CDT 2006

Dear Taxacom subscribers:  My student Katy Levings and I are 
completing a monograph of the Asian legume genus Maackia, and are 
looking for material of the genus for a DNA study.  We have material 
of most of the taxa, but need material of the following species, if 
anyone knows of any available:

Maackia chekiangensis
Maackia floribunda
Maackia hwashanensis
Maackia taiwanensis
Maackia tenuifolia

If anyone can provide material of any of these, we would be most 
grateful.  Please contact me off-list about what is needed.  We would 
gladly bear the costs associated with any materials sent.

Thank you very much.

M.A. Vincent

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