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Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Thu Jun 22 04:34:07 CDT 2006

Tonight is the launch of the EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation at the Tavern
on the Green in New York (http://www.eowilson.org/prerelease.htm).

It is an initiative "to preserve biological diversity in the living
environment by inventing and implementing business and educational
strategies in the service of conservation".

The set up, with many Nobel Prize laureates, and run by a biotech CEO (Jay
Short, and, unlike Wilson's former involvement, the ALL-species, all the
board members are not from conservation and biodiversity, but with a strong
link into biotec.

As much as this initiative ought be applauded, this makes it a foundation to
watch, because of its potential in providing funds for biodiversity
research. At the same time it is run by people from the biotec sector with
little experience in our field; a sector most feared in developing countries
for potential biopiracy, which among other is causing havoc in doing our
field work and potentially in the current Doha Round of the World Trade

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