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I can see this sort of thing can involve a lot of political issues, not
least being that of representation. I took a look at the quote about the
first Bioblitz and was troubled, perhaps unnecessarily, with the
sentence "Bioblitz has taken off in Massachusetts and in a few other
locations" which seems to imply that nothing much significant has taken
place since outside Massachusetts, and yet I was involved in a major
state sponsored and organized BioBlitz in Pennsylvania in 1999, only a
year after the claimed first Bioblitz (which appears to be incorrect as
Christian pointed out). The Pennsylvania Biobliz at Fort Indian Town Gap
involved a very large number of taxonomic specialists from all over the
state. I also found it interesting that the Carnegie Museum of Natural
History was not listed among the early invited institutions even though
it instituted several very successful urban park Bioblitzes.

John Grehan 

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> Thanks, Donat:
> Typical of EO Wilson today.
> Notice how Wilson claims that he and Peter Alden "created the FIRST
> BioBlitz at Walden Pond in Connecticut on July 4, 1998 ..."
> Two errors: The first BioBlitz was done in Washington DC on 31 May
> and Walden Pond is in Massachusetts.
> At least he does not claim create for the Encyclopedia of Life, which
> arose from the ALL SPECIES foundation.
> Oh, well ...
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