[Taxacom] amazing new book on seeds published!

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Wed Jun 28 09:17:25 CDT 2006

Dear Richard,

I appreciate your reply. However, firstly, this is not an advertisement and 
secondly, the book is a popular scientific book and not a book specifically 
addressed to scientists, and that's what I was pointing to when I said "the 
only one of its kind".



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>This reads suspiciously like an advertisement.
>There are a number of excellent books on seeds already on the market.  The 
>one that comes
>to mind immediately is "Seeds", by Jerry and Carol Baskin - perhaps the 
>most thoroughly
>researched (at least at the time it was published) book on seed ecology, 
>etc.  Admittedly, not intended for the layman, and not illustrated with 
>enhanced SEMs, neverthelss an excellent source of both general and specific 
>about the seeds of thousands of plants.
>Dick J
>Elly Vaes wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > This one might be interesting for some of you. A new popular scientific 
> > has just been published on seeds. Being literally the only book of its 
> > on the subject, the scholarly written but highly readable account 
>(judged so
> > in an independent review) is a great educational tool and additional 
> > for university students and everybody interested in plant structure and
> > evolution.
> >
> > Prepared by artist Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy, Kew’s seed
> > morphologist, "Seeds - Time Capsules of Life" is a book woven around the
> > Millennium Seed Bank Project. It presents a natural history of seeds
> > illustrated with some of the most spectacular examples of seeds and 
> > found in nature. The story begins with the evolution of seeds and their
> > structure and discusses their dispersal through space and time, the 
> > finally leading over to the Millennium Seed Bank Project which is 
> > in a separate chapter.
> > Using seeds collected in the UK and many of the MSB Partner Countries, 
> > highlight of the book are images taken with a scanning electron 
> > (SEM) that have subsequently been artistically enhanced by Rob Kesseler. 
> > the first time ever, “Seeds – Time Capsules of Life” reveals the minute 
> > breathtaking detail of seeds to the public eye and presents their 
> > history before a scientifically sound background. The book has recently 
> > reviewed in the June issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine and is now 
> > from the publisher's website (www.papadakis.net), amazon
> > 
> > and other book dealers. An American edition will be published by Firefly 
> > autumn.
> >
> > Seeds - Time Capsules of Life
> > by Rob Kesseler & Wolfgang Stuppy
> > Papadakis Publisher in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, 
> > 264pp, £35.-
> > ISBN 1901092666 (hb)
> >
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Open je gedeelde mappen waar je ook bent dankzij de nieuwe versie van 

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