MSc in the biodiversity and taxonomy of plants [ Scanned for viruses ]

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If it includes the fungi change the title to '... Plants & Fungi' - they are a distinct kingdom ... more closely related to you than the plants ;-)


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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and University of Edinburgh

The Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants


MSc (12 months Full Time)/Diploma (nine months Full Time)


Applications are invited for the MSc course in the Biodiversity and 
Taxonomy of plants before 31 March 2006.

The course aims to bridge traditional and modern approaches and equip 
biologists, conservationists and ecologists with a high level of skill 
in pure and applied taxonomy and a wide knowledge of biodiversity and 
its investigation. The course combines formal instruction, practical 
work, workshops, essays, field work and conservation initiatives, 
research projects and tutorials covering all major groups of plants and 
areas of botanical investigation and including the function, management 
and funding of taxonomic collections and institutes. Currently it 
comprises work with plants and fungi and benefits from a close 
partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

The course is supported by six NERC studentships (open to EU students 
only: Studentships 
will be allocated on a competitive basis.

 Informal enquiries and requests for further information can be 
obtained from Dr Louis Ronse De Craene, course director – email: 
l.ronsedecraene at – tel. +44 (0)131 248 2804

Application forms can be downloaded from the Postgraduate Office web 
pages at



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