Fungi as Fifth Kingdom?

Adolf Ceska aceska at TELUS.NET
Thu Mar 2 06:18:38 CST 2006

I sent Ken's message to my mycological friend and his answer was:

All I can suggest to Ken Kinman (below) is that he should read the very
learned article by
Cavalier-Smith (2001) [What are fungi?] in The Mycota Vol VIIA pp. 3-37.
This answers his accusations far better than I could.

I did not see the article, but I trust my friend that the answer (or lack of
it?) is indeed there.

Adolf Ceska, Victoria, BC, Canada

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> Subject: Fungi as Fifth Kingdom?
> Well, although Fungi are often considered the Fifth Kingdom, I actually
> still prefer the Four Kingdom classification of organisms (with eumycotans
> and other fungal groups within Kingdom Protista).  Metaphyta and Metazoa
> certainly diverged and diversified enough to be regarded as separate
> Kingdoms, but "Metafungi" (eumycotans) are a VERY distant third (and thus
> not surprisingly long subsumed within the study of botany, even though
> they are actually closer to metazoans).

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