new World Checklist of selected plant families website

Rafa ël Govaerts R.Govaerts at KEW.ORG
Fri Mar 3 08:04:27 CST 2006

Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation adopted by the
Convention on Biological Diversity is to create "a widely accessible
working list of known plant species". As part of this global effort, the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew launched a new website in February entitled
the "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families "
( It contains global checklists on 106 plant
families, providing name, place of publication, global distribution and
life form. Apart from the usual search options, the report generator offers
the opportunity to create an individual synonymised checklist for any
family, genus or geographical area as well as combinations of these. More
families will be added as they are completed, several of which are now
being compiled outside Kew. If you use the website for your research,
please don't forget to cite us.

Rafaël Govaerts

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