Naming a species after yourself (zoology)

Lawrence Lovell llovell at UCSD.EDU
Mon Mar 6 10:07:43 CST 2006

I have seen a situation where two authors published a paper covering
many species (some new, some already described).  One of the new species
is described and named after the second author, but the attribute for
that species description is designated as being only the first author's

Doug Yanega wrote:

>> Hi Taxacomers,
>> I have a manuscript in which the 3rd author is being honored with a
>> species
>> being named after him.
>> It is my belief, but I cannot find a statement in the ICZN, that this
>> is a
>> no-no
>> That is, I can name something after you, and you can name it after me,
>> but you and I cannot name a species after me.
>> Am I correct?  If the answer is in ICZN (4th edition), could someone
>> please
>> direct me to the article or recommendation?
> It's considered tacky and amateurish, but it's not a Code violation.
> Consider the beetle Cartwrightia cartwrighti Cartwright, for example.
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