Naming a species after yourself (zoology)

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Hi there

I have seen a similar case, not quite the same, but tacky as yours.
In the same issue of the same journal, A author named a new subgenus of the
genus C after B author, and B author named a new subgenus of the genus C
after A author in the next paper. Then they thanked each other in their
Both subgenera are monotypic, and, surely it is not Code violation, just
making the taxonomy "untouchable"

Shen-Horn Yen

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> >Hi Taxacomers,
>>I have a manuscript in which the 3rd author is being honored with a
>>being named after him.
>>It is my belief, but I cannot find a statement in the ICZN, that this is a
>>That is, I can name something after you, and you can name it after me,
>>but you and I cannot name a species after me.
>>Am I correct?  If the answer is in ICZN (4th edition), could someone
>>direct me to the article or recommendation?
> It's considered tacky and amateurish, but it's not a Code violation.
> Consider the beetle Cartwrightia cartwrighti Cartwright, for example.
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