Naming a species after yourself (zoology)

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A partial solution to this situation that I have heard of is naming a
species of the relative using her first name rather than the surname,
accompanied by a statement of whom it was being named after.  Also, some
names combine the first and last names of the person being honored into one
to distinguish between persons of the same surname.

Steve Manning

At 11:13 AM 3/6/2006 -0700, Michael A. Ivie wrote:
>Just to note that Cartwright did not name that species after himself.
>In 1967 Oscar Cartwright named a species after his brother, who shared
>the same last name, and placed it in Cartwrightia Islas 1958, thus
>Cartwrightia cartwrighti Cartwright is not a case of someone nameing a
>species after themselves, but naming a species after someone else with
>the same surname.
>There is not rule against naming a species after yourself, it falls into
>what my mother calls "It just isn't done."
>Michael Ivie
>Doug Yanega wrote:
>>>Hi Taxacomers,
>>>I have a manuscript in which the 3rd author is being honored with a
>>>being named after him.
>>>It is my belief, but I cannot find a statement in the ICZN, that this
>>>is a
>>>That is, I can name something after you, and you can name it after me,
>>>but you and I cannot name a species after me.
>>>Am I correct?  If the answer is in ICZN (4th edition), could someone
>>>direct me to the article or recommendation?
>>It's considered tacky and amateurish, but it's not a Code violation.
>>Consider the beetle Cartwrightia cartwrighti Cartwright, for example.
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