Thanks one and all regarding naming a species after yourself.

Robin Leech releech at TELUSPLANET.NET
Mon Mar 6 11:52:24 CST 2006

Thanks, all who replied, regarding the action of naming
a species after yourself.

In essence, there is no article or recommendation regarding
this in the ICZN, but it is, as one guy wrote, and quoting his
Mum: "It just isn't done."

As the 3rd author, after whom the new species is being named,
did not contribute to either the writing or the research for the
paper, it is my suggestion to the Editorial Board that the third
author be deleted from the authorship list.

Apparently there will be more work on the ecology and such
where he will contribute.  At that time, his name can go on the
authorship list.

Robin Leech

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