Naming a species after yourself (zoology)

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I agree with Steve...why is the third author included in the paper if he
had nothing to do with the paper??


>In this case, reject the paper.  Authorship of species should not include
>those who did not contribute to their description, just as authorship of
>papers should not include those who did not contribute to writing it.
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> >>> Robin Leech <releech at TELUSPLANET.NET> - 3/6/06 1:37 PM >>>
>Hi Brian,
>In this case, the third author is merely being honored.  He had
>nothing at all to do with any aspect of the paper or the
>research that went into it.
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> >It should be a matter of course that such a naming shouldn't be done by
>the >authors.
>I have a different view. In the situation that Robin describes, where
>the third author possibly worked on the biology or some other aspect,
>there seems to be nothing wrong to me with naming the species for
>him/her. We are going to be faced with naming hundreds of thousands to
>millions of currently unknown organisms, and believe me, coming up with
>new names in species-rich groups can be a time-consuming (and to some
>extent a time-wasting) task. As long as this name is unique within the
>genus, I wouldn't have any problem with Robin's situation if I was a
>reviewer. Lets not make this a cast in stone law.
>As far as "Cartwrightia cartwrighti Cartwright" is concerned, in today's
>social climate most would see this as unacceptable, but as Doug said
>there is nothing prohibiting it (other than the author's contemplation
>of what his colleagues would think of such egomania).
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